DraftObama.org: “Obama for President”

Okay, so full discloure here — I was one of the leaders of DraftObama.org, and helped make this ad happen, so I’m obviously positively inclined towards it. That being said, the bang for buck from this ad was phenomenal (thanks to the ad’s producer, Bud Jackson). With a very low initial expenditure to create it, and a very low (but highly targeted) paid buy, DraftObama.org was still able to drive hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and fantastic buzz in the media and the blogosphere. Best of all, I met with Senator Obama shortly after he announced, and he mentioned that his wife Michelle actually saw one of those paid ad buys when they were deliberating whether to run (a highly, highly targeted buy — Christmas day in Hawaii, where we knew that the Senator and his family would be on vacation).


  1. Mohammad Zulfikar says:

    Best president ever. i am big fan of him.

  2. Tess says:

    Bwahahahahahahaha! You got Bubba in there who, if he would have done what he should have done as Pres and have Osama handed over to the US, we wouldn’t have even been over there! He’s one to talk! Glad Osama’s gone, but that won’t sway me one iota on who I vote for.

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