Guinness: “Horse Surfer”

I can’t decide if I love this, am freaked out by it, or… all of the above.

What do you think?


  1. o.o says:

    wow… i think i am a little freaked out by that commercial.

  2. MGC says:

    It’s masculine while describing the inevitable failure of mankind to compeate against nature, or be better than a twenty-foot stud.

  3. Peter Ribeiro says:

    This is the best surf ad, ever made.

  4. Pricsilliano says:

    So does this mean the panic buying of grecerios, crashing of SUVs because ice+physics>4 4, and general mayhem has been done in advance, and everyone can just get on with sledding, taking days off, and building snowmen/snow-objets d’art? Cool.

  5. Asnaira says:

    In each time zone? Does that mean there will be more than one rapture? I beettr turn on the news to see if the people on the other side of the international date line are already gone!

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