Heinz Ketchup Contest (Amateur Submission): “In Your Face”

Folks, this one was sent to me by BestAdsEver reader Luis Sinibaldi. And it warrants a new category here: “Web Only.” You see, this was an ad that Luis and his friend Matt created for a Heinz Ketchup content (i.e., for user submitted ads).

And while Heinz didn’t pick it as a winner, it sure as hell is a winner in our book. Funny as hell, and a testament to the creative potential a company can realize by tapping into its own user base. So for now, it may be “web only,” but we think it’s very much ready for prime time.

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  1. Stanciu says:

    Yes, we will be in Penang (Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort) for 1 week and then back to my parents in Seremban for anoehtr week. I am currently on pre-holiday ‘diet’ plan in anticipation of the non-stop eating fest. :p@Lorraine: Thanks! The vividness is the post-production results of ‘Photoshop Element 6’. lol!

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