Discount Seafood Warehouse: “Smelling something fishy”

Well, this might be the epitome of our “annoyingly good ads” category.

Just painful to watch, and yet… half a million views on YouTube. Sure, maybe 90% of the people who see this wouldn’t visit, but… the 10% left over is still 50,000, which is probably about 100 times their customer base, so… net net positive? What do you think?


  1. Every year I create and print a list of 10 goals I want to accomplish. I add positive quotes to the goal list. After reading this post, I’m going to print it and staple it to my goal list. That way I have additional positive support as I work on and accomplish my goals.

  2. Vilcemara says:

    I found your site through Aditya on twteitr It’s always nice to find a fellow podcaster who’s also a journalist. I do hope you find the doggie stronger and better tomorrow.

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