Anonymous: “Vote Different”

One of the most talked about ads of the presidential campaign… didn’t come from one of the candidates… and didn’t even run on TV. Well, paid, at least. But God knows, it showed up a zillion times in the news.

Originally an “anonymous” ad, this actually came from Phil de Vellis. I met him, actually, to chat about this. Good guy, funny as hell, and… he did this alone on his own computer. How cool is that?


  1. Robert Speed says:

    This guy worked for the Obama campaign but he wasn’t asked to make this commercial..and he wasn’t paid to make this commercial. Probably why it was so viral.

  2. John says:

    I agree. I got to meet him at one point. Very funny, very clever, and really did a great job on this.

    Interesting that (IMHO) the top three most effective pieces of video during the campaign… weren’t actually FROM the campaign:

    1) “Yes We Can”
    2) Obama Girl (okay, kinda silly, but… viral as hell)
    3) This one

  3. Susan says:

    One wonders what Apple thought of the re-appropriation of their “1984” ad for this purpose, using most of the footage of that original ad and only substituting the footage of Hillary. It’s a very clever appropriation — just probably not quite legal.

  4. DJ says:

    Funny how ironic this ad now is. I voted for Obama and cannot believe how much this ad would work if you just put him in it with his “hope and change” comments… nothing has changed except the deficit.

  5. Nemanyus says:

    This is such a rip-off of Apple’s legendary commercial…

  6. Susan Doheny says:

    It is the launch of ‘citizen media.’ We’ll see if anything like it goes viral in the upcoming campaign.

    Can you get in touch with me privately as I’m currently working with a publisher who would like to include a screen-grab of this in an upcoming book. I’m looking for an email address for the creator Phil de Vellis, Perhaps this falls within Creative Commons. Is that the case?
    Thanks, SD

  7. Daniel says:

    Very, very stupid…duplicating the Apple trailblazing commercial from 183-84.

  8. Paul says:

    I abhor this kind of absolute plagiarism.
    It is lazy, cheap and obviously unoriginal.
    It’s not clever or engaging. It’s rubbish.
    Don’t waste my time.

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  10. Segio says:

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  11. Art says:

    Looking for political inspiration and found this interesting site. I found this commercial incredibly ironic. With the evidence of 7 years behind us, it is clear that Obama should be on the screen double-speaking to the obedient followers.

  12. Sebastian says:

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