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Winston Cigarettes: “Flintstones”

Yeah, there’s no doubt that this is from an era long, long, long ago. This doesn’t so much get “best” recognition for the quality itself, but more from the pure, unadulterated “holy s***” reaction most people will have from watching it.

Salem cigarettes: “Wonderful world of freshness/softness”

Another classic cigarette ad from yesteryear. Apparently the message is that if you smoke Salems, you will either have a glorious time swinging on a rope, or you will “go all the way” with a young woman who is having a glorious time swinging (“go all the way” being defined as “get to touch her briefly while helping her swing” in these old, pre- sexual revolution days).

Enjoy, and make sure to check out these other classic cigarette ads when you’re done.

Camel: “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette”

Wow… 1949 really was a very different world, eh? Check out this classic, and when you’re done… make sure to check out this incredibly awesome one from the Flintstones as well.