Welcome to Best Ads Ever. A celebration of the ads we love. Ads that make an impact. Ads that we would never, ever Tivo over. Here’s how you can enjoy the site:

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Oh, and if you’re an advertiser who does not want your ads on here, just take them off YouTube, or let us know (but seriously, if you create an ad, and then try to hide it… it kinda makes you an idiot.  The whole point is for them to be seen, right?)

About the Editor

A grassroots activist leader by day, and self-appointed TV ad critic by night, John Hlinko runs Best Ads Ever, as well as ActForLove.org, a dating site for progressive activists. While John has worked in the advertising industry in the past, and while he has helped craft award-winning ads himself, he is NOT an industry expert — just a guy who loves great ads, hates bad ads, and has a blog to talk about it.

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