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Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, but… you can’t ignore it. Has it gotten attention? Hell yeah. Just check out YouTube for the zillions of ads, and of course… “Vinnie.”

Mentos: “Car Movers”

A Mentos commercial as one of the best ads ever? You’re damned right. See, here’s the thing — these were some of the most annoying ads ever made, but dollar for dollar, they were also some of the most talked about and parodied one ever made. (good luck finding the real ones on YouTube in the midst of all the parodies).

So sure, lots of people might’ve been turned off Mentos by them. But let’s be honest — who the hell had even heard of Mentos before these ads? So yeah, maybe you turn off 2/3 of your targets with the ads, but if your name recognition goes from 1% to 99%, you’ve still done okay.

Accordingly, BestAdsEver proudly unveils a new category, with this ad as the innaugural member: “Annoyingly Good”

Fitness Made Simple: “Six Pack Ads”

John Basedow freaks me out. Big time. There’s just something really weird and frankly creepy about how he suddenly emerges, unabashedly shirtless. I think it’d be one thing if he were just there shirtless like a zillion other body builder types. But the fact that he’s talking seriously, sounding like a businessman, but… with no shirt. That’s weird. Like some shirtless guy showed up in your conference room with a Powerpoint. It’s just… weird.

And yet, it’s precisely that weirdness that makes it so attention-grabbing, so creepily compelling, so ripe for parody, and consequently… so good.

Mentos: “Ripped Dress”

So, so, so annoying… and yet, so damned memorable. I mean, sure, the theme song stays in your head and rots your brain, but… can you think of any ad series that has been parodied more than this one?

Christmas with Mike Gravel

I’m just so… confused by it. And yet, I can’t look away.