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Volkswagen: “Like”

I admit it — the first time I saw this, the ending scared the s*** out of me. And ya know what? It did the next 10 times as well. Talk about an attention getter — and one 100% on message. Another one from the folks at Crispin, and another Clio winner.

Best Political Ad Ever?

This is from Paul Wellstone’s first campagin for Senate, back in 1990. It’s a parody of the Michael Moore film, “Roger and Me,” but with the challenger trying to find the incumbent (Senator Rudy Boschwitz) to debate him. It’s funny as hell, you can’t help but love Wellstone, and not surprisingly, it generated more PR/earned media (aka “free showings”) than just about any political ad in history.

Oh yeah, and that year, Paul Wellstone was the only challenger to defeat an incumbent senator.

Apple: “Think Different”

You know, I don’t even like Apple computers (overrated), but… I can’t watch this ad without getting chills. There’s just something that strikes you right in the heart when you see this parade of innovators — especially since they did such a good job of mixing such a wide variety of them. Go ahead, watch it. Tell me it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, or at least come damned close. And even though I’m not a raging Apple fan myself, I must say… man, this really does speak to their target audience in an absolutely dead on fashion.

The Geico Cavemen Series

They’re funny as hell, they’re memorable as hell, and they scream the brand name throughout.

They’re actually going to make a TV show about these characters, and who could blame them? The cavemen are a hoot — that combo of looking like a caveman yet acting like a very modern, very Gen-X-irritated manner, well… the combo works.

Apple: “1984”

Wow, did this one generate some serious heat when it launched in the early 80’s. Now, some might argue that it was a wee bit off-topic for Apple, since it was aimed at IBM (as opposed to Microsoft, which really emerged as its true rival). That being said, the revolutionary spirit of the ad perfectly matched Apple’s brand promise, and is a theme that’s run through its best ads ever since. (stay tuned for the “Think Different” ads).

Best Birth Control Ad Ever?

Yes, I think it just might be… the best birth control ad ever. And once again, props to the Euros for saying what we’re all thinking (albeit, not in English)

LBJ for President: “Daisy” (aka, “Bomb”)

This is considered by many to be the most effective political ad ever. The year was 1964, and LBJ was running against Barry Goldwater, considered by many to be quite conservative (by the standards of the time, at least), and even dangerous. Fairly or unfairly, this ad played on that perception, helped make it stick, and… helped take LBJ to one of the biggest landslides in presidential history.

Dutch Language Institute (careful… “language” here)

(promoted to the top again, by popular demand)

You know, I love America. And God knows, I kid the Europeans about things like shower schedules and all, but let me tell ya… when it comes to ads like this, they really have a “coolness” advantage over us Yanks.

Snickers “Betty White” Superbowl Ad

This really is pretty brilliant, and even spawned a movement on Facebook to get Betty White as a host of Saturday Night Live.

Mmm…. Snickers….

Cadbury: "Gorilla drums"

That is one cool gorilla. It’s so engaging, and I’m not even sure why. I wanna hang with that gorilla.