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Best Birth Control Ad Ever?

Yes, I think it just might be… the best birth control ad ever. And once again, props to the Euros for saying what we’re all thinking (albeit, not in English)

Dutch Language Institute (careful… “language” here)

(promoted to the top again, by popular demand)

You know, I love America. And God knows, I kid the Europeans about things like shower schedules and all, but let me tell ya… when it comes to ads like this, they really have a “coolness” advantage over us Yanks.

BMW: Falling Clothes/Save Your Life

Well, I’ll admit it. I watched the whole thing. Twice. Might have to watch it again, in fact.

Pro-Line: “Because Anything Can Happen”

I’m not even sure what the hell this is actually for (some kind of lottery, I suppose), but… the commercial really is a hoot.