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“Scary Mary Poppins” — Parody Movie ad

Truly brilliant. I must say my favorite is still the “Shining” parody ad, but… this is damned close…

Tim James for Governor (Alabama): “English only” (+Parody)

Here’s an ad from GOP candidate for Governor of Alabama, Tim James, kvetching about how the drivers’ license test is given in 14 languages, and how when he is governor, it’ll be given only in English.

The jury is still out on whether it’ll be effective on election day, but… these types of ads have historically worked well in the past.  Taking a complex campaign, and refocusing it on one hot-button issue that really defines a candidate.  (Your humble editor has an opinion whether that is actually good for governing, and good for America, but… that’s a subject for another blog).

And of course, with ads like this, there are often wonderful parodies that spring up almost as quickly.  And… we’ve included one just below for your enjoyment.