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Anonymous: “Vote Different”

One of the most talked about ads of the presidential campaign… didn’t come from one of the candidates… and didn’t even run on TV. Well, paid, at least. But God knows, it showed up a zillion times in the news.

Originally an “anonymous” ad, this actually came from Phil de Vellis. I met him, actually, to chat about this. Good guy, funny as hell, and… he did this alone on his own computer. How cool is that?

Dale Peterson: Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture

Wow… well, I can’t tell if this is a great ad, or… a great parody (unintended).

You folks be the judge. (Hat tip to Taegan Goddard at Political Wire for this).

Obama for President: “Seven houses”

Here’s one from the 2008 election that packed a wallop. John McCain was trying to cultivate a working class guy image by doing things like making Joe the Plumber his BFF. But… his answer to this house question pretty much made that a non-starter.

My only kvetch — it would’ve been pretty cool to actually have the video clip of McCain saying it. If possible, that is. But still, a very effective ad.

Tim James for Governor (Alabama): “English only” (+Parody)

Here’s an ad from GOP candidate for Governor of Alabama, Tim James, kvetching about how the drivers’ license test is given in 14 languages, and how when he is governor, it’ll be given only in English.

The jury is still out on whether it’ll be effective on election day, but… these types of ads have historically worked well in the past.  Taking a complex campaign, and refocusing it on one hot-button issue that really defines a candidate.  (Your humble editor has an opinion whether that is actually good for governing, and good for America, but… that’s a subject for another blog).

And of course, with ads like this, there are often wonderful parodies that spring up almost as quickly.  And… we’ve included one just below for your enjoyment.

JFK for President: Jackie en Espanol

This is hella cool. Jackie promoting her husband, and… doing it in Spanish.

Christmas with Mike Gravel

I’m just so… confused by it. And yet, I can’t look away.