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Sussex Safer Roads: “Embrace Life/Always Wear Your Seatbelt”

(Promoted again, and deservedly so)

Okay, is it just me, or is this one unfriggin-believably emotionally impactful?

You start off not knowing what’s going on… which is exactly what draws you in further and further. And then it just packs a wallop. Now, here’s the thing… I’ve got no inside info, and don’t actually know what they spent, but… one room + no sound/no mics needed + sountrack = a great ad for what must’ve been a very reasonable budget. Great idea, great editing = didn’t need a zillion dollars worth of special effects.

Western NY State Tobacco-Free Programs: “Crazy driver”

Nice message, and delivered in a way that makes the point without being whiney (as so many PSA’s and anti-smoking ads are)

Epuron: “Wind”

Okay, so this is tough to understand, between the webby sound, the accent, and the deep voice, but… bear with it, because the payoff at the end is just fantastic.

The “Crying Indian” pollution ad

This one was ubiqitous in the 70s — as was litter along the nation’s highways. Did it singlehandedly change America’s litterbugs? Nah. But was it memorable and impactful as hell, and did it likely make a difference? Uh, yah.

Antenna 1: “Anti-boredom campaign”

That really is pretty damned funny. Anyone know more about the company behind this ad? I’m curious about the point of this…

(Hat tip to Best Ads Ever fan Chris Kaufmann for the suggestion!)

Brazil – “Save Water…Pee in the Shower”

Hmmm… well, Brazil might be a ridiculously beautiful country, but… next time I got there, remind me to wear my sandals in the shower.