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Sussex Safer Roads: “Embrace Life/Always Wear Your Seatbelt”

(Promoted again, and deservedly so)

Okay, is it just me, or is this one unfriggin-believably emotionally impactful?

You start off not knowing what’s going on… which is exactly what draws you in further and further. And then it just packs a wallop. Now, here’s the thing… I’ve got no inside info, and don’t actually know what they spent, but… one room + no sound/no mics needed + sountrack = a great ad for what must’ve been a very reasonable budget. Great idea, great editing = didn’t need a zillion dollars worth of special effects.

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Geico “Tiny House”

Man, Geico really makes some great ads. The gekko ones are the worst of the lot, and they’re still pretty damned good. The cavemen are my favorite, but this tiny house one is still a hoot (and got me the first few times) “When I grow up”

This ad launched in the height of the dotcom bubble, when seemingly every other ad on TV had a “.com” attached to it. And yet, this was one of the few that really stood out from the pack. Simple, creative, funny, and incredibly memorable.

Head On: “Apply Directly to the Forehead”

So damned annoying… which is what makes it so good. Ten years ago, before the Internet, it would’ve been just a crappy add. But now it’s the subject of all kinds of chatter, parody, and other net-age phenomena that has made the brand awareness spread like wildfire.

“Casino” Trailer

You know, I enjoyed the film, but kept thinking it was a poor man’s Goodfellas. Good flick, don’t get me wrong, but… Goodfellas was a GREAT flick, and this was basically the same cast.

But when it comes to the trailer… A+ all the way.

Morning in America (Reagan '84)

Now granted, back in 1984, with his poll numbers, Reagan could’ve basically mooned the camera and still won. That being said, it’s hard to look at this ad and not feel pretty damned good about the USA. Putting politics aside, it perfectly evoked the spirit of Reagan’s optism. And the narrator (ad man Hal Riney) has a voice that seems like it leapt out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Apple: “Think Different”

You know, I don’t even like Apple computers (overrated), but… I can’t watch this ad without getting chills. There’s just something that strikes you right in the heart when you see this parade of innovators — especially since they did such a good job of mixing such a wide variety of them. Go ahead, watch it. Tell me it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, or at least come damned close. And even though I’m not a raging Apple fan myself, I must say… man, this really does speak to their target audience in an absolutely dead on fashion.

Brazil – “Save Water…Pee in the Shower”

Hmmm… well, Brazil might be a ridiculously beautiful country, but… next time I got there, remind me to wear my sandals in the shower.

The Geico Cavemen Series

They’re funny as hell, they’re memorable as hell, and they scream the brand name throughout.

They’re actually going to make a TV show about these characters, and who could blame them? The cavemen are a hoot — that combo of looking like a caveman yet acting like a very modern, very Gen-X-irritated manner, well… the combo works.