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Apple: “1984”

Wow, did this one generate some serious heat when it launched in the early 80's. Now, some might argue that it was a wee bit off-topic for Apple, since it was aimed at IBM (as opposed to Microsoft, which really emerged as its true rival). That being said, the revolutionary spirit of the ad perfectly matched Apple's brand promise, and is a theme that's run through its best ads ever since. (stay tuned for the “Think Different” ads).

Best Birth Control Ad Ever?

Yes, I think it just might be… the best birth control ad ever. And once again, props to the Euros for saying what we’re all thinking (albeit, not in English)

LBJ for President: “Daisy” (aka, “Bomb”)

This is considered by many to be the most effective political ad ever. The year was 1964, and LBJ was running against Barry Goldwater, considered by many to be quite conservative (by the standards of the time, at least), and even dangerous. Fairly or unfairly, this ad played on that perception, helped make it stick, and… helped take LBJ to one of the biggest landslides in presidential history.

Winston Cigarettes: “Flintstones”

Yeah, there’s no doubt that this is from an era long, long, long ago. This doesn’t so much get “best” recognition for the quality itself, but more from the pure, unadulterated “holy s***” reaction most people will have from watching it. “Obama for President”

Okay, so full discloure here — I was one of the leaders of, and helped make this ad happen, so I’m obviously positively inclined towards it. That being said, the bang for buck from this ad was phenomenal (thanks to the ad’s producer, Bud Jackson). With a very low initial expenditure to create it, and a very low (but highly targeted) paid buy, was still able to drive hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and fantastic buzz in the media and the blogosphere. Best of all, I met with Senator Obama shortly after he announced, and he mentioned that his wife Michelle actually saw one of those paid ad buys when they were deliberating whether to run (a highly, highly targeted buy — Christmas day in Hawaii, where we knew that the Senator and his family would be on vacation).

Dutch Language Institute (careful… “language” here)

(promoted to the top again, by popular demand)

You know, I love America. And God knows, I kid the Europeans about things like shower schedules and all, but let me tell ya… when it comes to ads like this, they really have a “coolness” advantage over us Yanks.

Steve Novick for Senate: Having a Beer

Ya gotta watch this one. Really. I don’t want to give away the ending, but suffice to say, it’s got a great hook.

Nixon for President: “McGovern's Defense Strategy”

Lots of ads talk about an opponents being weak on defense, but… there’s something about this simple yet stark display that really makes the point in a very visceral way. And when you’re in the middle of the Vietnam War and the Cold War… “soft on defense” doesn’t play very well. In fact, Nixon won this race by one of the biggest landslides in American history.

Eisenhower for President: “I like Ike”

This is one of the earliest political ads, from 1952. And Ike won in a landslide (of course, he’d just beaten the tar out of the Nazi’s, so he might’ve won without the ad, but hey… it’s still pretty cool). Oh, and yeah, that “Ike for President” refrain is going to be running through your head for the next day or so. “Body Armor”

Straightforward, devastatingly to the point, and delivered by a great messenger with 100% credibility. I mean, if you’re Senator Allen, how the hell do you respond to this? Brilliant.