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Anonymous: “Vote Different”

One of the most talked about ads of the presidential campaign… didn’t come from one of the candidates… and didn’t even run on TV. Well, paid, at least. But God knows, it showed up a zillion times in the news.

Originally an “anonymous” ad, this actually came from Phil de Vellis. I met him, actually, to chat about this. Good guy, funny as hell, and… he did this alone on his own computer. How cool is that?

Heinz Ketchup Contest (Amateur Submission): “In Your Face”

Folks, this one was sent to me by BestAdsEver reader Luis Sinibaldi. And it warrants a new category here: “Web Only.” You see, this was an ad that Luis and his friend Matt created for a Heinz Ketchup content (i.e., for user submitted ads).

And while Heinz didn’t pick it as a winner, it sure as hell is a winner in our book. Funny as hell, and a testament to the creative potential a company can realize by tapping into its own user base. So for now, it may be “web only,” but we think it’s very much ready for prime time.