“Messin’ with Sasquatch” – Jack Link’s Beef Jerky (Pickup Truck)

This whole series is absolutely incredible, but this one may be my favorite. The double taunt with the gentle “we’re sorry” cracks me up every time.

Best car ad ever? Toyota

Seriously brilliant. Love the fact that they didn’t wuss out and take off the edge. And some of this is pretty edgy indeed.


Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, but… you can’t ignore it. Has it gotten attention? Hell yeah. Just check out YouTube for the zillions of ads, and of course… “Vinnie.”

Jimmy Dean: "Full Moon"

(Promoted in honor of the man himself, the great Jimmy Dean)

This whole series has really grown on me. It’s goofy, but… consistenly and unabashedly so. And ya gotta respect that. Most importantly, the characters are engaging, and the product very, very memorable. Mmmm…. craving some sausages right now.

Salem cigarettes: “Wonderful world of freshness/softness”

Another classic cigarette ad from yesteryear. Apparently the message is that if you smoke Salems, you will either have a glorious time swinging on a rope, or you will “go all the way” with a young woman who is having a glorious time swinging (“go all the way” being defined as “get to touch her briefly while helping her swing” in these old, pre- sexual revolution days).

Enjoy, and make sure to check out these other classic cigarette ads when you’re done.

“Scary Mary Poppins” — Parody Movie ad

Truly brilliant. I must say my favorite is still the “Shining” parody ad, but… this is damned close…

PlayStation 3: “Grandma”

This actor (the adult one) has shown up in a few ads on this site. And with good reason… he’s kinda brilliant.

“A stick.” I’m still laughing over that line…

Guinness “Rhythm of Life – Evolution”

Wow… someone spent a lot of time on this one, hunched over a computer. Hopefully, they at least got a real nice beer at the end of it.

Dale Peterson: Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture

Wow… well, I can’t tell if this is a great ad, or… a great parody (unintended).

You folks be the judge. (Hat tip to Taegan Goddard at Political Wire for this).

Cullman Liquidation: “Mobile Homes”

Local commercials are often the most painful ones, but… on occasion, they really are awesome.